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The beauty of just being you

A while back, a dear friend posted something on Facebook about appreciating the people in her life who are not afraid to just be themselves, flaws and all… for one reason, because it allows her to feel better about her … Continue reading

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Need a vacation?

Are you stressed out? Exhausted? Have you just about had it up to your eyeballs with your boss, your co-workers, your kids? Well then… Take a vacation. Right here and now. No, I’m not kidding. It will take just 3 … Continue reading

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Just chill

Sometimes you just gotta chill. Take a breath. Start fresh. So take 6 minutes out of your day of oh-so-important (really?) and oh-so-urgent (seriously doubtful) tasks and enjoy this track by Mishka. Since the YouTube file has just the album … Continue reading

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Welcome to my mind.

One of the dangers of an active mind is having nothing to do with all the jabbering going on up there. So far, talking to myself has achieved little other than garnering some very strange looks, so I thought I’d … Continue reading

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