When you speak, would you love to feel…

Heard? Respected? Accepted? Perhaps even loved?

For decades, I kept quiet. I kept my feelings pushed way down inside. I believed that asking for help was a sign of weakness, and I never ever wanted to be a burden on those I loved. I felt proud for being independent. I also felt alone, exhausted, and anxious.

Eventually I learned the truth: We are not meant to do life alone. We’re designed to be in relationship: with other people, with ourselves, with God. By opening up and being vulnerable in relationships, I’ve dramatically changed my experience of life. Now I feel cherished, peaceful, and thrilled to be joyfully creating a life I absolutely love.

I know how scary vulnerability can feel. By definition, it means opening yourself up to potentially being wounded. But what if you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that the person you were confiding in would truly listen to you and respond kindly, with unconditional love?

“Have you ever wanted to have a conversation with someone that just listened to you, without trying to tell you what you should do, or how you are right or another is wrong? Carmen has the unique ability to create a warm supportive space, where I have been able to relax completely and talk about what is on my heart. We live on opposite sides of the world, and her warmth and compassionate nature traverse the space. Carmen knows that I have the answers within me, and through enquiry and gentle questioning, she is able to bring forth a light to the part of me that I have been wishing to express or understand. Thank you, Carmen, for all that you bring to every soul-filled conversation – it really is like curling up on a sofa with a warm cocoa and then walking away with a renewed spirit.” ~Jenny M.

Soul Chats with Carmen

I believe we each get to create our own Heaven on Earth when we act in vulnerability and faith. By courageously stepping forward to participate fully in life, despite our fears, we get to enjoy the deepest connections, the most ecstatic joys, and the most powerful transformations.

To help you enjoy the life-changing experiences that are possible only with vulnerability, I offer a safe space to open up your heart.

A Soul Chat with me is a very special kind of conversation where you get to lay your burden down at the altar of unconditional love — stating your cares in a space where they are held sacred and where you are treated with compassion and kindness. And from that space, we open ourselves up to the magic of life and its limitless miracles.

Is your soul longing for the chance to share?

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What IS NOT included in a Soul Chat?

  • NO gossip
  • NO discussion of politics or world events
  • NO pity parties
  • NO victim mentality
  • NO telling you only what you want to hear
  • NO giving up on you

What IS included in a Soul Chat?

  • Unconditional love – Feel supported and cherished.
  • A confidential, high-vibrational space – Feel safe to share openly.
  • Fully present listening, zero judgment – Feel heard and respected.
  • Honest reflection – See more clearly the truth already within you.
  • Intentional gratitude – Notice the miracles surrounding you.
  • Intuitive guidance – Receive wisdom toward creating your Heaven on Earth.
  • Limitless belief – Know your dreams are held in infinite possibility.

What people are saying about their Soul Chats

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You are not alone. I look forward to meeting you at the altar.