No regrets

God bless my friends.

Obviously there are many benefits to having good friends, something I’m learning more and more as I grow older. But one of the many benefits, in my mind at least, is discovering new music through those friends. And being a person of eclectic musical taste, I’m grateful to say that I have a friend base with a wide range of musical preferences.

Just the other day, a friend shared a YouTube video of a band I had never heard of: 30 Seconds to Mars. I was so excited to see the lead singer was Jared Leto, whom I had previously known only as a wonderful actor (with AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING eyes). Did you get that?  There’s an example of beauty for you. Anyway, I digress…

The song featured in the video? “Closer to the Edge.”  The energy of this song is amazing. The video pans concert arenas around the globe as 30 Seconds to Mars takes and owns the stage, complete with Jared sporting a fuschia-tipped mohawk and crowd-surfing. I don’t think it’s possible to keep from pumping your fists along with the audience members as they scream “No! No!” This is definitely the song to put on when you need a jolt of energy.

But in the midst of the song’s in-your-face no-apologies attitude, the video includes moments of extreme sensitivity. Kids offer touching, sometimes heartbreaking, statements about the fleeting nature of life, what they wish for the planet (but don’t believe is possible), and what music means to them. One echoes my philosophy exactly:  “My philosophy in life is don’t regret anything you do because, in the end, it makes you who you are.”

No regrets, only learning experiences. The key is to actually learn from them.

Closer to the Edge, by 30 Seconds to Mars (on YouTube)

Warning: Watching this video may cause crazy dancing.


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