Thank you, NPR

Who knew? Not me, until recently. But luckily, I have friends in the know.

On its website, NPR shares great videos of musical artists, videos you won’t see on MTV. Well, I can’t swear to that, since I haven’t watched MTV since probably the ’90s (whenever “reality shows” and other non-artistic time-wasters started getting more airtime than music videos). But I’m betting MTV won’t air Adele calmly sitting in NPR’s office and belting out three of her songs. This is a “Tiny Desk Concert” you didn’t want to miss. (Unfortunately, unless I was just experiencing a temporary technical snafu, it appears Adele’s video is no longer up for you to watch. But you can still hear the audio: click on the “Audio Only” link above the video screen.) You can, however, still see the Tiny Desk Concert from Iron & Wine.

And if you were one of the many people watching the Grammys saying “Who in the world is Esperanza Spalding?” you can listen to this 2009 Piano Jazz session with her. There’s interesting stuff about how she got started, and even better, you get to hear her play and sing.

The website also has a fantastic feature called “First Listen,” where new albums are available for listening, in full, for free, before they are released. I’m currently listening to the new Alison Krauss & Union Station album, Paper Airplane. Yesterday, I was listening to the new Paul Simon release, So Beautiful or So What. What is not to love about this?! (Both albums are great, by the way.)

So, if you’re a lover of music, check out NPR’s music website. You’ll be glad you did. And as I haven’t had time to explore the site fully, if you discover any site features that you love, please let us all know by commenting on this post. Thanks!


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