Welcome to my mind.

One of the dangers of an active mind is having nothing to do with all the jabbering going on up there. So far, talking to myself has achieved little other than garnering some very strange looks, so I thought I’d start this blog.

No, seriously.

Actually, that is partially true.

But I also, on occasion, have a thought or photo that I think others may enjoy. And so I offer this blog as a way to potentially entertain and inspire you. (Note the “potentially” in there. I offer no guarantees.)

Topics you may encounter in this blog: nature, beauty, art, music, serenity… and lots of photos, as I have found taking pictures a wonderful way to capture my view of the world and its beauty. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility, but I would like to keep this blog on the positive side, as there are already plenty of places you can find people complaining about the state of things.

With peace and gratitude, I thank you for your interest.


Laguna tree
I loved the character of this tree and the surrounding plants up above Laguna Beach.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my mind.”

  1. Dear Walshmuser: ” Welcome to my mind ” Thank you for the invitation to peek inside your mind and through your lens. I was hoping for cookies and punch at the inaugural welcoming party, but the pictures are quite lovely indeed.

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