#metoo – Joining the conversation

I have been sharing my photography as art for several years now, but I have never explored any other media. This week, I was truly inspired to create a completely different piece of art, when a local gallery put out a community call for art related to the #metoo movement. I had no skills to rely on, just something I felt compelled to say. The exhibit opened tonight, and it was overwhelmingly powerful what people had submitted. This is my piece.

I called it “What I Remember Them Saying.” Other than the writing itself (which I did this past week), I made it entirely out of items I already had, layering pieces of paper, napkins, and paint on the damaged canvas of one of my photos. The numbers are my ages when those experiences happened (the 17 applies to both top items – I didn’t make that clear).

It was truly inspired: I had no plan; it just happened. Before I put this out in public, only a few people had heard some of this information. I decided to stop hiding. (I am almost 46 now.)

If you have something you feel compelled to share, share it. Be vulnerable. Just do it. You may change someone’s life: in fact, if no one else’s, I’m pretty sure you will change your own.

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