The importance of being happy

Watch this video, in which Ada Pia tells the story of her “Journey to Freedom.” I have a feeling it will resonate with some of you. I know it did with me.

Several months ago, I said to my parents, “I don’t care what I DO anymore; I just want to BE happy.” That was a big deal. My parents believe in doing. To my surprise, they seemed happy for me when I said that.

These last couple of years, I have left behind my own businesses for the most part, my relationship as it was, my community commitments – so many things I had put my time, energy, and tears into. I had no grand plan, no specific path to follow. (I still don’t.) I think I just instinctively knew I had to drastically scale back my activity so I could remember what Happy feels like for me. I have recently come to believe that happiness is how we honor this gift of life we are given. All other decisions and actions then over/flow from that path to happiness — and it all requires listening to that inner voice.

It’s certainly not always easy, but life finally feels worth it — unlike the hamster wheel I was running on for years.

Thus my 2019 word, savor. I am slowing down, rediscovering happiness in all that life brings. May you savor your life as well. ❤️ 🌟

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