It’s not all good food & fun

Just in case you thought slowing down and savoring life meant every day is blissful…

Slowing down and getting quiet also provides more mental space, which allows more thoughts to surface. They may be inspired new ideas, or they may be ugly truths that you have buried by staying busy.

Regardless, truth is good to know. It will indeed, I believe, set you free — to move forward with your life. The truth, however, is not always comfortable.

Today has been an ugly truth kind of day. While I have been happily working on my own “stuff” for a while now, I was still holding onto hope regarding a relationship. And I need to let that go. It doesn’t mean I am counting it out, saying it will never happen in the future; it just means that this (year probably) is not the right time.

Letting go can be harder sometimes than at other times. Today has been hard.

Winter heartbreak haiku, Carmen Walsh,2/24//019

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