Enjoy the journey; the destination is within.

What my soul told me this morning:

Breathe deeply. Let go. Know you are worthy of all you desire – and more. You long for freedom. You can have it. You already do. It’s within you already. You simply need to let go of attachments and agreements that keep you tethered to smallness. You will fly, my dear; you will soar. You are strengthening your wings now. Be patient and give them time. Soon they will carry you high through the skies, over the clouds, witnessing the glory of this Earth. You will feel light as the air itself, no more burdens to carry, only gifts to be treasured. The sun will warm your back, and the breeze will kiss your body. You will have created your Heaven on Earth. It is inside you now. You can feel it. You can taste it. Savor the entire journey.

Smart soul. I should listen to you more often. I think I will. ❤️

Photo by Carmen Walsh, October 2018

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