Soul wisdom

I have been dealing with anxiety around asking for what I want, realizing the request will probably not be received well. So I decided to do some soul writing this morning. This was my answer when I asked, What would you have me know?

You are limitless. You are powerful. Fear has no place here: you are Love, and fear cannot exist in the face of Love. You are destined for magnificence. Allow all that is holding you back to fall away. Your peace and clarity of mind are of the upmost importance. Keep getting your house in order – you are on the right track. You are creating the most fertile environment for you to grow and bloom. Smile and know you are helping others by taking care of yourself.

Listen in to what your soul/spirit has to say, friends. It is not confused by the mind’s chatter or those old agreements you made. Allow yourself to hear the truth. ❤️

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