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Why I blog…

#metoo – Joining the conversation

I have been sharing my photography as art for several years now, but I have never explored any other media. This week, I was truly inspired to create a completely different piece of art, when a local gallery put out a community call for art related to the #metoo movement. I had no skills to rely on, just something I felt compelled to say. The exhibit opened tonight, and it was overwhelmingly powerful what people had submitted. This is my piece.

I called it “What I Remember Them Saying.” Other than the writing itself (which I did this past week), I made it entirely out of items I already had, layering pieces of paper, napkins, and paint on the damaged canvas of one of my photos. The numbers are my ages when those experiences happened (the 17 applies to both top items – I didn’t make that clear).

It was truly inspired: I had no plan; it just happened. Before I put this out in public, only a few people had heard some of this information. I decided to stop hiding. (I am almost 46 now.)

If you have something you feel compelled to share, share it. Be vulnerable. Just do it. You may change someone’s life: in fact, if no one else’s, I’m pretty sure you will change your own.

Natural magic

I was inspired to take a walk this morning. It was meant to be.

A magical dancing leaf, 4 butterflies, and a heart leaf (plus lots of other beauty) told me that I can inspire others simply by living an inspired life.

I don’t need a specific plan. There is no pressure for perfection (a past hangup); in fact, perceived perfection is intimidating, not inspiring. It creates separation, not connection.

What lights us up is when other people are lit up. Hey, hey, I’m a light! 👏🏻😁🤩 And when I’m not lit up, I can share that too, so others will know that being human is not about being perfect or happy all the time; it is about being real and honest and vulnerable.

But when I am looking with a child’s eyes or an artist’s eyes and finding the wonder of life, that is worth sharing. That is inspiring. I AM Inspiring.

Being of service

When I started this blog a month ago, I said that I “on occasion, have a thought or photo that I think others may enjoy. And so I offer this blog as a way to potentially entertain and inspire you.”It was a vague beginning, primarily because I wasn’t sure where this blog may lead, if anywhere at all. I just knew I had the urge to begin—and rather than worry about the outcome or how I may look to everyone else (as would be my habitual tendency), I just went for it.

While I offer my entries for your enjoyment and individual reflection with no expectations of receiving feedback, I am so grateful that some friends have shared with me when a particular post has touched them. Their comments have told me that I am doing something valuable. And that is the most compelling reason for me to continue: to be of service, in whatever small way I can, even if it’s just to provide a peaceful break for a few moments with a photo or a music video.

But the entries that have gotten the most feedback have been the ones that delve a little deeper. Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about putting philosophical ideas out there for others to read: ideas about how to live a happier life. I don’t want to be perceived as being preachy, and I certainly don’t have all the answers. I felt somewhat like a fraud, as none of the ideas I present are original. I am merely sharing information that I have gleaned from other sources, ideas that I have read or heard that have helped me feel better, as if I’m making progress as a human being. But I have learned that we can hear the same message over and over and not truly understand it until we hear it in different words or we hear it at just the right time in our lives. And so I hope that every now and then, I can provide a message that reaches someone and makes a difference.

While I feel that I am making progress in this human adventure, I still struggle with the same issues that just about everyone seems to have, including relationship challenges and too-harsh self-criticism. What I have found over the past several weeks is that to shape my thoughts for others’ consumption in this blog, I am required to re-explore the ideas myself. And so I remind myself of the lessons I have learned, I learn new lessons, and I continue to grow. With the intent of being of service to others, I am also helping myself.

That seems to be a consistent phenomenon. Helping others almost always seems to do at least as much for the helper. I know when I cuddle babies in the NICU each week that I am there to help them get healthier, but each time I walk away from the unit, I feel more peaceful and more connected to the world, as if I have value and am making a real difference. Likewise, after I spend the time writing a blog entry, I feel more connected and of use to you, my friends. And so I thank you for allowing me to grow with you.

We're all in this together.


Welcome to my mind.

One of the dangers of an active mind is having nothing to do with all the jabbering going on up there. So far, talking to myself has achieved little other than garnering some very strange looks, so I thought I’d start this blog.

No, seriously.

Actually, that is partially true.

But I also, on occasion, have a thought or photo that I think others may enjoy. And so I offer this blog as a way to potentially entertain and inspire you. (Note the “potentially” in there. I offer no guarantees.)

Topics you may encounter in this blog: nature, beauty, art, music, serenity… and lots of photos, as I have found taking pictures a wonderful way to capture my view of the world and its beauty. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility, but I would like to keep this blog on the positive side, as there are already plenty of places you can find people complaining about the state of things.

With peace and gratitude, I thank you for your interest.


Laguna tree
I loved the character of this tree and the surrounding plants up above Laguna Beach.