The Soul Chat Self-Love Journey

For most of my life, I was super critical of myself: never quite talented enough, successful enough, fun enough; never fitting in; never sure how to be responsible and show up for others and also make myself happy. Life felt like so much pressure with very little reward.

Thankfully, I found teachers and mentors who helped me see the error of my ways. (Don’t you love when you learn that you were wrong about something and it actually makes things better, easier? It’s become one of my favorite things!)

Thanks to what I’ve learned — and experienced personally — over the last several years, I can honestly say that now I enjoy the adventure of my life every day.

For me, it boils down to self-love. For years I didn’t love myself, and that messed up everything else: relationships, fulfillment, health.

If you desire to give yourself the gift of unconditional love, it will be my honor to hold your hand on the journey and share with you what has helped me the most.

Through this 3-month journey to self-love, you’ll start to:

  • see yourself more clearly (through God’s loving eyes)
  • improve your relationships, feeling more cherished and respected
  • feel free to live a life you truly love, rather than what is expected of you
  • have more fun
  • partner with God on your dreams
  • shine more brightly (The world is waiting for your light!)

Our 3-month framework includes 6 one-hour Zoom calls. Typically we have a call every other week; however, we can adjust the timing to whatever feels most effective.

In between calls, there will be soul exploration and self-love activities to lead you toward greater knowledge of and compassion for yourself.

And I will be holding for you a space of constant unconditional love and limitless belief in your joy and dreams come true.

I believe loving yourself unconditionally is the key that unlocks the door to a truly happy life. Click here to schedule our initial call. I can’t wait to start on this journey with you!